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Additive Manufacturing Solutions

From prosthetics to saving the coral reefs, additive manufacturing is leaving its mark on industries across the board, and it’s not going away anytime soon. To keep up with its advancements and to support the changing project needs of our clients, we’ve added the Onyx Pro 3D printer to our facility. 

The Onyx Pro 3D printer is capable of printing parts for a wide variety of applications, while also providing the strength and durability of aluminum.  Our new, upgraded printer allows us to make parts faster, providing our clients with quicker turnaround times.

The printer allows a layer resolution of 0.1mm and prints outer curves and contours in engineered nylon. Each part is filled with close-pack reinforcement in continuous fiberglass, providing each part with unparalleled strength and stiffness. 

Additive manufacturing solutions

What is Additive Manufacturing?

Using Computer Aided Software (CAD) or 3D object scanners, additive manufacturing is the process of turning a digital design into a physical object by depositing material layer on layer. Contrary to the traditional form of manufacturing and removing material to get to the end product, additive manufacturing, as the name suggests, adds to it. 

Additive manufactured parts

Other Rapid Prototyping Services:

We offer other rapid prototyping services utilizing processes like SLA (Stereolithography) and SLS (Selective Laser Sintering). Depending on your budget, schedule, and expected use, we also offer a wide range of finish levels.


Reduce Risk 

  • Additive manufacturing allows you to test a prototype and make design changes in a shorter amount of time, and at a lower cost. This helps build confidence before committing to production tooling costs in scenarios where design changes are likely. 

Component Quality 

  • Small components that require unique features such as moving pieces or overhangs are tough to accomplish when using traditional manufacturing methods.  Additive manufacturing technology allows infinite shapes and complex figures, while also providing remarkably precise tolerances. Not only does this help improve the overall quality of your components, but it also reduces failure risk. 

Quick Production 

  • Due to the required tooling and machining, traditional manufacturing methods are not always a quick process.  In situations where time is crucial, waiting around for the tooling to be created isn’t an option. Additive manufacturing helps eliminate the tooling creation and adjustment time, resulting in quicker turnaround times.

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