Painting, Powder Coating, & Finishing Services

Painting, Powder Coating, & Finishing Services

Our production-quality finishing services offer a high-grade finish for your prototypes or production parts. Whether you need custom wet-coat painting, powder-coating, heat-treating, plating, or anodizing, we have a solution that’s right for you. 

Powder Coating vs Wet Painting vs Plating

Powder Coating

Powder coating is the process of applying a dry powder to a surface, which bonds with the help of heat.  The result of powder coating is a tough coating that is more durable than most other common paints.

Wet Painting

Wet painting is the process of applying liquid paint to a metal product for finishing. To execute an even coat of wet paint, a spray, pump, or another pressurized applicant is utilized.  


Plating is the process of depositing metal onto a conductive metal surface.  This process can be used for several purposes including corrosion control, friction reduction, and simply just for decoration.

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Benefits of Powder Coating


  • Powder coating uses an electrostatic bond and heat to encapsulate a part in plastic. This leaves a durable coating that lasts longer than most other paint applications and is highly resistant to scratches and chipping.

Curing Time

  • Powder coating’s can be fully cured within 20 minutes. Once cooled, the parts can be assembled and packaged immediately making it a great solution for quicker turnaround times.

Benefits of Wet Painting

No Material Limitations

  • Unlike powder coating, wet painting does not require heat to be cured. Virtually, any material can be wet-painted as it does not have to be able to withstand the high temperatures.

Custom Colors

  • Wet painting can produce a wide range of colors when custom colors are essential.

Benefits of Plating

Corrosion Resistant

  • Even materials that are prone to corrosion such as iron and steel can be coated with a non-corrosive material, while still protecting the original material. 

Increases Durability

  • Electroplating can be used on brittle materials to help make them stronger and more durable.

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