Breadboard & Proof of Conept Models

Prototype Validation

To ensure the successful development of your product, we utilize a wide range of prototype validation processes. Whether it’s testing a simple mechanism or building a proof-of-concept beta test model, demonstrating the feasibility and functionality of your product is critical. Within our facility, we can build product prototypes using a number of different materials and finishes based off of your intended application. Models range from non-functional visual styling models for form and color study, to fully-functional pre-production prototypes utilizing production-quality tooling and fabrication processes.

Badger Prototype validation services

How the Prototype Validation Process Works:

Prior to the development of your product, verification that your idea or concept can be achieved from a technological standpoint needs to be established.  By demonstrating this, it will prove that the product can be developed into a prototype. 

Initially, our team of designers and engineers will research and develop the product with the end goal of ensuring it’s feasible.  Once this step is completed, a working model will be created to provide a brief outlook of what the final product could look like, confirming its functionality. 

Prototype validation services


Determine Challenges

  • Before you invest time and money into the development of your product, it’s important to identify the possible challenges that could be encountered down the road.  Doing this within the early development of your product with a breadboard or proof-of-concept model will allow you to attend to these challenges. 

Comprehensive Overview

  • By creating a breadboard or proof-of-concept model, you’ll gain a clear understanding of your projects requirements. This includes the tools, resources, and time that is required to create a working prototype.

Design Changes

  • While in this early stage and before you invest your time and money into the development and production of your product, you get to physically see what your prototype looks like and how it functions. This allows you to review and easily change features about your product, while still in the early stages. 

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