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About Badger Prototype

Badger Prototype is part of Creative Design Network, a full service product development firm located in West Bend, WI. For over 30 years, CDN has been involved in the product development of consumer products, medical equipment, sports equipment, lawn & garden equipment, commercial equipment, modular structures, and alternative energy infrastructure equipment, all of which have led to nearly 200 patents. 

Over the years, we’ve built a foundation of trust and partnership with our clients.  Some of our clients have been with us for nearly 20 years.

Our Team

Our team of employees consist of drone pilots, motorcyclists, beer enthusiasts, and oh yeah, engineers, prototype specialists, and designers. Throw a dog or two into the mix, and you have yourself the perfect team of individuals who are dedicated to providing great service to our customers. Our entire staff has an average of 20 years experience in product development. 

CDN Product Development Team

Our Culture

If you enter a parking lot where no one is parked in between the lines, you dodge a drone on your walk into the building, and you get greeted by a ferocious golden retriever, it’s probably safe to say you’ve found CDN.  We promote an open and casual working environment, allowing each of our employees to express their creativity and ideas without limitations. 

Our Facility

Our open concept design studio and our prototyping center allows us to build and create prototypes on all scales. Whether you need a 3D printed part, a hand-built prototype, or a fully functioning piece of machinery, our facility is set up to be reconfigurable to accommodate our clients unique project needs. Design, engineer, prototype – all under one roof.

CDN Product Development Facility

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